Longfield and New Barn Parish Council is made up of 4 Wards with 12 Parish Councillors. If you wish to speak with a Councillor please contact the clerk on 01474 707290.

Councillor Jeremy Kite (New Barn East)

Councillor Steve Brown (Longfield)

Councillor Tony Mack (New Barn West)

Councillor Roger Perfitt (New Barn West)

Councillor Catherine Stafford (Longfield Hill)

Councillor Mohkesh Tamber (New Barn East)

Councillor George Holt (Longfield)

Councillor Jan Denman (New Barn West)

Councillor Jenny MacDonald (Longfield)

Councillor Paul Denman (New Barn East)

Councillor Gurvinder Sander (New Barn West)

1x current Vacancy